Wooden bats|Introducing the wooden bats boasted by Ballpark.com according to their uses!

Introducing the ball park dot com wooden bat by [use]!

Since its founding, Ballpark.com has been committed to the manufacture of original wooden bats and has conducted repeated research. At the same time, in order to promote the bamboo bat training necessary for adolescents, we launched the “Botanical Bat Promotion Project for Boys” and have been focusing on introducing bamboo bat training.
From this time, we will introduce such wooden bats of Ballpark.com by dividing them into [uses] [materials] [order bats].
The first time is [by application]!

Bamboo bat for boys

"Bamboo bats for boys" have become synonymous with Ballpark.com.

The basic of batting is to hit the ball with the core of the bat. It is said that the best practice for this practice is batting practice with a "bamboo bat."
I introduced it several times in this web magazine, but at the Koshien regular school, bamboo bat training is almost always accepted. It is said that it is better to start bamboo bat training as soon as possible, and at Ball Park, 12 types of bamboo bats are prepared according to the physique and skill so that even children can train with bamboo bats. It is used by many baseball boys.

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Training bat

A training bat that focuses on areas that you want to strengthen especially in improving batting technology.

Recommended for batters who have a tendency to knead and hit. Ideal for swing straightening.

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Extra thick grip Bamboo bat is made thicker to strengthen swing straightening.

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For one-handed training! Get the ideal upper body movement.

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The length is 100 cm. It is a length that can not be seen elsewhere. For foam correction.

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We have achieved a weight of 1100g. Ideal for training to increase power and physical strength. We recommend that you use simple swing, tea batting, and free batting!

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<90cm training bamboo bat>
Ball park pushing push training bat. It is a training bat that helps the body to feel a sense of speed.

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Knock bat

Knockbats made by Ballpark.com are always very popular. It is a product with many repeaters due to its ease of use.
Flare type grip

Real grip type

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