Shonen Baseball|Why Take Bat Training is Required ⑤


Introducing a training method using a bamboo bat!

The biggest effect of bamboo bat training was to "get the ball with the bat core". There were various effects derived from that! I also introduced a "purpose-specific training bat" to overcome my shortcomings.

This time, I will introduce four practical training methods. Let's take a look!

[Low ball swing]The purpose of"By repeatedly practicing in a large arc trajectory, you will acquire a large and smooth form."That is. Wear a swing that draws a big arc and modify it to the correct form without putting extra force.

・Slowly and greatly swings with the image of hitting the low ball under the knee to the center.

・Keep your heels on the ground and fix your shoulders, waist, and knees without opening.

-Use your arms, elbows, and wrists to swing so that the trajectory of your body becomes larger.

Low ball swing ①

・Enter from the right elbow, catch the ball in front of the groove, return your wrist after impact and take a large follow-through.

Basics to improve bat controlHow to use [elbow] and [wrist]Practice Raise the toss from the front of the body and hit it in front of the groove. When you get used to it, twist your hips and increase the head speed, being aware of the bat core.

・After holding as shown in the picture, first enter from the right elbow.

・ Try to catch the ball in front of the groove.

*At the moment of impact, the ball is in front.

・Return your wrist after the impact.

・After that, follow up greatly.

*If you get used to it, twist your waist at the moment of impact. Let's consciously increase the swing speed.

Head-on training ②  

It is a batter's corrective training with a habit that your upper body will bend back at the moment of impact, and conversely the axis of your upper body will plunge into your forward lean. Let's create the [axis] of the body at the moment of impact!

[Warp correction]

・ Tea batting while stepping on the ball with the heel of the front foot

* Correction of a batter whose upper body warps

Balance tea batting ①

・Since the forefoot is in an unstable state, a wall (= a door that does not open) naturally forms on the knee of the forefoot.

・The front leg does not stretch at impact.

Balance tea batting ②

[Push correction]

・ Tea batting while stepping on the ball with the heel of the hind foot (* Tsukkomi correction)

Balance tea batting ③

・Catch the ball as if you were catching it inside the knees of your hind legs (* Adductor muscle strengthening)

Balance tea batting ④

*This is the point!

Balance tea batting ⑤

Step on the ball with your heels and place your toes on the ground. Since there are less points of contact with the ground, the posture becomes unstable. By swinging or teating in this state, you can be aware of how to use the ankles, knees, and muscles (* especially adductor muscles) of the legs that are stepping on the ball, and acquire a sense of balance and training for the foundation of the lower body. Will be.

It is also effective as a correction method for batters whose upper body warps at the moment of impact, and conversely the upper body thrusts forward.

With a stance that is twice as wide as the shoulder width, both legs are in the shape of "C", and the bait is in a low position with the waist lowered. The base of the swing that does not shake is made without fixing the axis of the upper body and moving it! Let's make the foundation of the lower body!

・Take a stance that is twice as wide as your shoulder width, and keep your feet slightly open in the shape of a letter "c".

・Lower your hips, determine the center of your upper body axis, and raise the toss to a center point that is easy to hit.

C-shaped tea batting ①

-At the moment of impact, apply force to the adductor muscles, squeeze your knees inward, and swing so that your feet are symmetrical.

・From the beginning of swing to follow-through, keep your heels on the ground and keep your shoulders open.

C-shaped tea batting ②

By striking the lower half of the body repeatedly, let's create a foundation (lower half) that has a sense of balance and does not shake!

You can also watch a video of the training methods introduced this time. If you are interested, please check it out.

⇒Bamboo bat basic training commentary video

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