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What is the most important thing for improving batting?

Spring break has begun and the kids are happy! But the practice of baseball boys continues every day. Their goal is to work hard on baseball practice. That is, even a little is good at baseball! In particularImproved battingI think many boys are focusing on However"Blind"Practicing in does not lead to improvement.

There is a reason to improve

What is the most important thing in batting? that is,"Putting the ball on the bat core"is. If you catch the ball with the core of the bat, the power and speed of the hit ball will increase. The probability of hitting is greatly increased. First of all"Apply to the core of the bat"It is important to start from practice!

↓ Mr. Katsumi Hirosawa is checking the batting using the bamboo bat.

Why a bamboo bat?

In Japan, metal bats are used even in high school baseball. The technology of each maker is applied to the metal bat, and even if you remove the core of the bat, the hit ball will fly as it is. So, when I was a boy and practiced batting only with metal bats, the batting technique would not improve even if I hit the ball with the bat's core off. So, the usual batting practice is not a metal bat,"Wooden bat"It is highly recommended to use.

Characteristics of "wooden bat"Says, "The ball won't fly far if it doesn't hit the core of the bat." In particular"Bamboo bat"Is, The vibration that occurs when you do not hit the core is strong, and your hands are numb with a feeling of "creeping". this"Numbness"Is exactlySignal that the core is removed (signal)is. Conversely,If there is no numbness, it catches the ball with the bat's coreThat! This easy-to-understand judgment sends a strong signal"Bamboo bat"is. Then what kind of bat is actually a bamboo bat?

"Bamboo bat" is in the category of "plywood bat" among wooden bats. A "plywood bat" is a bat that is made by pasting several thin plates together to form a piece of wood, then processing and finishing it. Unlike the “Maple Bat” made of one tree,Price is cheap and durableIt is made of plywood and has strong numbness. However, if it hits the core, it will fly firmly. It can be said that the "bamboo bat" with such characteristics is the most necessary training bat for baseball boys. Just changing the bat you have now to a "bamboo bat" should change the impression of batting.

Get to know the characteristics of bamboo bats!

The biggest characteristic of bamboo bat is"Numbness when not hitting the core"However, there are many other characteristics that metal bats do not have.

-Even a bamboo bat that weighs the same as a metal bat, the head has a center of gravity, so it feels slightly heavy ⇒Because the head is heavy
・Impact feels longer than metal ⇒ The feeling that the bat got on the ball. The so-called "put on" "push" feeling
・Heavy head makes it difficult to swing out unless the ball is caught by the bat core ⇒The ball will not fly unless it hits the core
・It requires skill to swing out from the moment of impact ⇒Because the bat feels "bent" at the moment of impact, it is necessary to be aware of swinging the head forward after impact. With a reasonable swing, the weight of the bat = the weight of the head allows the ball to fly farther and hit a stronger hit ball.
・The meat point of the bat is more like a head than a metal bat ⇒ Structural characteristics of bamboo bats (wooden bats)
・Toss batting shows whether the ball is caught or removed with the bat core ⇒ In short, is there vibration or not?
・Excellent sound deadening, allowing practice day and night


Next time, we will introduce the effect of bamboo bat and the characteristics of Bamboo bat of!

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