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Teaching based on baseball theory

Mr. Katsumi Hirosawa. During his active career, he was the only player who played under three prominent coaches: Katsuya Nomura, Shigeo Nagashima, and Senichi Hoshino.

Since I'm the same generation as Mr. Hirosawa, I remember from the beginning that Mr. Hirosawa became a professional, but I'm a 4th batter who has a big body and often hits home runs! The image of "Yakult's Hirosawa" is strong.

According to Mr. Hirosawa, it was the late manager Nomura who changed the Yakult's baseball style by 180 degrees. Hirosawa and his friends have just joined. Under the new coach, Mr. Hirosawa has refined the potential that he originally had, and his talent has blossomed, with guidance backed by outstanding baseball theory!

After that, he moved to Giants as a free agent and finally played at the Tigers, but all the while, he seems to have never forgotten the theory of baseball struck by Nomura.

Manager Nagashima learned what professionals are, and manager Hoshino, how important words are to teach people, how important it is for players to understand the contents of the instruction with the power of words. I heard that I was taught.

And, of course, because I'm from the Meiji University baseball club, the size of the existence of the late "Director Shimaoka," a teacher, rather than a leader. It seems that this is the origin of Mr. Hirosawa's baseball life.

"Katsumi Hirosawa Batting Class" for youth baseball, which is taught by Mr. Hirosawa, is regularly held in some cities in Japan.

Even in Miyazaki where is located, we have held several batting classes. From that, we would like to introduce the design that took place at Miyazaki Ichida Baseball Stadium. This class was sponsored by Nippon Life and was conducted in cooperation with Miyazaki Sports Trainer Academy and Miyazaki Prefectural Baseball Federation.


Katsumi Hirosawa Boys Baseball Class Batting Class

We, Ball Park, brought the balls and bats used in the baseball class, and the latest pitching machine, the "slow ball machine," to the site and backed them up completely!

Slowball machine owned boys baseball class

Batting gauge

Shonen baseball classroom batting gauge ball park dot com

Slow ball machine setting completed!

Slow ball machine installation Ball park dot com

The morning of light rain. All the staff were enthusiastic because if we couldn't hold the event at the ground, we would have to attend a lecture at the gymnasium, but we were able to do it safely at the ground. (thank goodness..)

Warm up your body! Take your time and carefully!

On the day, prior to the batting class, preparation exercises such as stretching and gymnastics were carefully conducted over time, under the guidance of the Miyazaki Sports Trainer Academy. I was taught how important it is to warm and stretch your body!

Katsumi Hirosawa Batting Class Miyazaki City

*Mr. Hirosawa giving a greeting

Miyazaki Trainer Academy Instructor

*Miyazaki Sports Trainer Gakuin and Mr. Hirosawa As children were really trained in youth baseball, the children were full of energy! We will continue to prepare for the exercise.

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class Miyazaki Sports Trainer Academy

Parents also participated in the stretch!

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class Miyazaki Sports Trainer Academy

I will run well!

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class Running Scene

After about 30 minutes of preparatory exercise, Mr. Hirosawa started teaching batting directly! From here, it's just the guidance of those who were "professional" and top-notch!

We will teach the baseball theory that any baseball person feels "great!" to children while using practical skills.

This continuation is next time!

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