The charm of the bamboo bat! With the charm of the bamboo bat for exercises that I want to tell to junior and senior high school students, university, member of society, father of the baseball boy from a boy

1.Improvement of the batting technology

A ball is caught in the core of the bat

I am effective in improving a batting technology by being conscious of the core of a sense and the bat which hit the ball with the core of the bat by a "characteristic to be fascinated by when I take off a" core. In addition, I can expect it including the improvement of the bat control technology by using the bat to the size of the body.

A center of gravity and meat spot of the bat

The body has right foam

The heaviness of the head is one of the characteristics of the bamboo bat, too. I can wear a right form of the bat swing with nature by performing swing using the heaviness of the head by a daily exercise repeatedly.  In addition, the use that sense of incongruity cries to a grip when I use a metal bat in a game with a bamboo bat by an exercise because the bamboo bat of the ball park dot-com adopts the real grip which reproduced a feeling of grip of the metal bat realisticallyI can do it.

2.Be superior to the price setting that is kind to a wallet, the durability and is economical

Because it is hard to compromise, I last a long time,1In the year1Is it savings more than ten thousand Japanese yen? !

Bamboo bat cost comparison

As described above, I know that to practice with "a bamboo bat" than I practice with a metal bat and a wooden bat is advantageous economically.
※A metal bat, a wooden bat, a bamboo bat2Comparison in the economic aspect when I used it a year

There is an effect superior in the improvement of the batting technology, and the most of the prestigious school of National High School Baseball Championship use "a bamboo bat" in a batting exercise from a reason that it is economical besides.

3.The lineup that is highest possible in Japan

I overwhelm others with an abundant variation. Size development depending on growth

Bamboo bat

JB bamboo bat12I can choose a combination of weight, length among a kind.

If it is child of the period of growth, the selection of bat which matched one's body is essential in wearing good swing. It is good and sees a figure "rejected by a bat" with the bat that small child of the body is very heavy by a ground of the weekend, an exercise of the Little League.

The body can never get good swing in this. In the first place because "even one's swing" is not done.

HoweverA bat in accord with the small child state of the body is not soldThere was the issue of という, too. Particularly, as for the bamboo bat effective in the improvement of the batting technology, there was not size for small children.

I was unable to remain indifferent to such present conditions and succeeded in building up the bamboo bat lineup that was rich in a size variation by "one's swing" designing the bat which it had a short it, and was light which it was possible for even from small child in the ball park dot-com to one's heart's content, and producing it.

The selection of bat in accord with a body watches a size list; and easily!

Even the primary schoolchild of the period of growth matches JB bamboo bat with the size of the body and can choose a bat.

Bat size list

※Because I change, the size list mentioned above, please understand personal physical strength, a technique, the size that were suitable by "the purpose of use" at the time of the exercise again as an aim to the last.

I can easily find a bat of the size appropriate to one's body if I look at this face. I may come across the most suitable bat which matched oneself with JB bat!

Measurement direction of the bamboo bat in accord with a body

Measurement procedure of the bat

The training becomes more effective at the same time as it is possible for bat control just as wanted when I use the bamboo bat in accord with one's body, and baseball becomes more fun.


The National High School Baseball Championship leader is great admiration |, too Real grip


Real gripWith the real gripWhen I shifted it from a bamboo bat to a metal bat by adopting a grip (real grip) of the on the small side such as the metal bat, I can bring the grip sense of the bamboo bat into the batting without the same sense of incongruity.


What is "a bamboo bat project for boys?"

"The bamboo bat promotion project for boys" is a project to propose the basic training with the bamboo bat for the purpose of the improvement of the batting technology of the boyhood.

Specifically, I aim at the improvement of the batting technology of the boyhood by promoting the basic training with the bamboo bat from boyhood after starting baseball. I fix my eyes on the future and aim at the improvement of the batting technology of boys who carry next-generation baseball through the support of the bamboo bat by suggestion or the workshops such as basics training methods using the bamboo bat for boys for a schoolchild, a leader of the junior high school baseball and a pro-state as a part made with player upbringing foundations of the world level of the whole country.


The past activity is this

Bamboo bat for boys

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