Explain the grab care procedure using [Proteios]

The care of baseball grabs tends to be skipped. However, if you do not care for the grab, the glove will quickly become a bitter or difficult to use.

In addition, it is difficult to care for grabs and tend to think that it is a patient work. But in fact, once you learn the main points, you can do it easily.

In this article, our recommended grab treatment "ProteiosIntroducing the method of grab maintenance that anyone can do. There are many ways to care for the grab, but I think it is the simplest and most effective way of it, so please try it.

Of course, it is perfect for white grab maintenance such as camel colors.

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Preparation maintenance tools

Before you start care, first prepare the following three points.

1: Brush (those with soft hair tips)
2: Towel (made of soft material)
3: Grab treatment (Proteios)

Of these, brushes are the most important tools for grabbing. There are also chemical fiber systems for commercially available brushes, but they tend to damage grabs.Especially horse hair (hose brush) is recommendedis.

Anything is fine if the towel is not hard, but using a coarse eye of the cloth will improve dirt removal.

In addition to the above,Mouton for grabIf you prepare, the leather fat will be blamed to the surface, gorgeous and improved.

Photo of maintenance supplies

Grab care 4 steps

Once you are ready for the tools, follow the steps below to care.

Step ①: Remove soil, sand and dust

The basics of grab care are to remove dirt.

Rubbed soil, sand, dust, etc. attached to the grab surface using a soft brush. * This process is recommended to do this every time if you use a grab.

It is important to remove dirt frequently every time.

The web (the net between the thumb and the person's finger) and the finger tip and lace (leather strap) are parts that are easy to accumulate because they are finely made. Let's remove dirt carefully using the brush tips.

also,It is recommended that you brush the race once and then brush it firmly. Be careful as going to the later process with the soil and sand remains, as it will harden and the glove will be heavy.

Also, if you proceed to the later process without removing the dirt sufficiently, the oil will adhere to it, resulting in darkening.

One -point advice to cleanly remove dirt

When brushing, rub it gently so that the surface of the leather does not hurt.

In addition, it is the direction to rub the brush,If you rub the vertical direction (direction to your fingertips), the dirt will be easier to remove.。 Gloves leather fibers are in the vertical direction, so if you rub them sideways, the dirt will be less likely to remove.

Brushing point Brushing Point 2

Step ②: Reform

Reform is to replenish oil so that gloves do not dry.

When we humans dry in winter, we apply hand cream. The grab also uses natural leather, so you must always replenish the oil. Therefore, we will retain the leather by oil and treatment.

The glove is made in a structure in which two leather bags overlap, front and back. Therefore, it is necessary to keep not only the table but also to the leather parts on the back.By firmly nutritious and maintained to the leather parts on the back, the functionality of the grab is greatly improved.

However, there are many commercially available grab oil, which contains a lot of oil, and over -applied can cause heavy grabs or sticky. About once a week, the frequency of oil is enough.

PROTEIOS does not become heavy even if you apply it

In the case of oil -using oil, it is difficult to keep the leather parts on the back of the glove firmly, while paying attention to the amount of oil.

So I recommend Proteios. Proteios isBecause it is composed of the oil balance that is originally contained in leather, the penetration of the leather fiber is very excellent, and even if it is applied, it will not be heavy and not sticky.is.

At first, there may be resistance, but if you want to keep the leather with Proteios, let's spray Proteios with the image of nourishing the glove!

Just good enough to drip the liquidPlease think. After applying PROTEIOS, use your finger to rub the liquid into the leather. Slub with the image that penetrates the inside of the grab.

* Don't forget the string retention

What is often overlooked is the string of strings such as the web and lace. If the string is dried in a karakara, it will be a factor that will cut. If you use Proteios, the string that has become collapsed will recover.

As described above, spray the Proteios and stretch the string while putting it in your finger.

* About the frequency of use of PROTEIOS

Apply PROTEIOS basically once or twice a month.

Looking at the grab condition, if you think that it is lacking in moisture, make sure to replenish it as appropriate. One PROTEIOS is 150ml, but it can be used 2-3 times if it is applied abundantly.

How to apply treatment String retention work

Step ③: Wipe with a towel

Once the work is completed, gently wipe the surface with a soft towel.

The reason for using a soft towel isThe surface of the leather immediately after the leather is soft and is easily damaged.That's why.

Proteios has the effect of causing dirt attached to the grab surface and moisture due to rain and sweat. After 1-2 minutes from the work retention, wipe it gently with a towel.

Wiping process

Step ④: Dry it naturally

Finally, dry the grab. Be sure to dry in a well -ventilated shadeLet's keep in mind!

In addition, if the glove is dried rapidly on the day, the leather will be damaged and it will cause cracks and hetari, as it should be avoided.

Of course, it is strictly prohibited to dry quickly with a dryer or stove.

Please take a look at a series of videos, so please take a look.

About care on rainy days

Rain is a natural enemy for gloves. Have you ever had a glove or a sticky glove or became dry as a result of leaving a wet glove?

In fact, this is due to the fact that the fat contained in the leather fibers is biased and hardened when the wet glove dries. for that reason,Reather is important when it gets wet in the rainIt will be.

Before drying, be sure to remove mud stains with a brush or cloth, and then retain the leather. If you use Proteios, apply it as mentioned above.

This allows the necessary oil to be applied evenly to the leather fiber and dries while retaining. Of course, after the leather, don't forget to avoid direct sunlight and shade it.

Glab maintenance procedure that was wet in the rain

The effect of care for grabs

By the way, I have explained how to clean the grab so far, but I think that it is better to know the effects of the effect.

Effect ①: Baseball gets better

Do you know the conditions of good grabs?

I think many people say, "Grabs that can be operated as expected." If there is a glove that moves as expected, the quality of the play will be much better.

In order to make the grab move as expected, grab care is indispensable. By neglecting the grab care, the leather causes the leather, causing the shape to lose shape, and the sense of unity between the hands and the grab is lost, and it becomes a glove far from "glove that can be operated as expected". It will be.

It is an important problem directly involved in play, soIf you want to be good at baseball, be sure to take care of the grab.

Effect ②: Length of glove life

The glove also has a lifespan, and the leather is gradually damaged by daily use.

It is daily care to alleviate these damage, such as "hitting the sun", "getting wet with water", "getting dirty with soil", and adding friction when catching the ball.

The difference between the gloves that we care for every day and the glove that we have been using without care is obvious.Depending on the way of care, there will be a difference of more than a few years in the life.It is also said.

If you want to use a glove for a long time, be sure to keep it in mind.

Effect ③: The grab looks cool

Most leather products will become glossy as you use them, and become tasteful gem.

Baseball gloves are no exception,It changes to a shiny glove. Conversely, if you do not care, it will become a dried tattered glove. Expensive glove. I want to evolve visually.

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Purchase of PROTEIOS and information on grab type

Because the grab is a leather product, its care is really deep and there are various maintenance methods. However, you could see that using Proteios can be very simple and easy to care for.

If you are worried about grab care, please try using Proteios once using Proteios! It will surely make your grab into the best state.

In addition, we also provide a mold service using Proteios for the characteristics of "rich fat" and "fine fiber" of Wagyu JB Grab. On this occasion,Please experience the familiarity of the glove that sticks to your hand.

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