Shonen baseball, gifts | How about a bamboo bat as a birthday or Christmas gift?

Youth baseball equipment that makes you happy!

Christmas is finally around! Have you decided on a present for your children? What makes boys playing baseball happy? There are many things, but what about the "boy's bamboo bat" introduced here?

A training bamboo bat for baseball boys to improve their batting. You can choose a bat according to your child's physique and skill, and you can engrave your name etc. like a gift. There is no doubt that it will be overwhelmed by the gift!


Bamboo bat for boys's bamboo bats for boys are 12 sizes in total and are training bats that can be widely used by elementary school students to high school students.

Training bamboo bat

If you engrave the name, it will look like this.


It is said that many professional baseball players use bamboo bats as training bats even for high school students. By practicing with a bamboo bat from a young age, it becomes better to hit the ball to the core of the bat surely, which leads to improvement of batting technique. Please consider it as a Christmas or birthday gift!

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