Tokyo Roku University Baseball All-Star Game in Miyazaki ③-New product "Wagyu JB" donated to each team

A new product, "Wagyu JB", born from a tag with JA Miyazaki Keizairen presented each team with a special "memorial item" that was born from the tag with JA Miyazaki Keizairen, in conjunction with the Miyazaki holding of the Tokyo Roku University Baseball All-Star Game!

that is, "Wagyu JB grab" made from Miyazaki black Japanese beef skin!

The glove worn by Governor Kono of Miyazaki Prefecture at the opening ceremony before the match was actually a "Wagyu JB glove" that was specially embroidered for this tournament.


Embroidery of "Miyazaki Wagyu" on the grab!


Souvenirs and wagyu JB glove presented to Governor Kono to commemorate the event


The same souvenir and Wagyu JB were presented to Tokyo Roku University Baseball Club!

Many souvenirs made with Miyazaki Japanese black beef!

<6 university name tags> <6 university business card holder>


Wagyu JB grab and these Wagyu memorabilia series have been very well received. I am proud that I could have added some flowers to the competition!

How was it? "Tokyo Roku University Baseball All-Star Game in Miyazaki" I strongly wanted to accept the feelings felt by the boys through the all-star game and to work on better product development to improve the skills of youth baseball.

In this web magazine,"Wagyu JB"More and more articles will be posted. What kind of product is Wagyu JB? .. Stay tuned for future articles!

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