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4th engine

Everyone needed for batting"Three engines"Do you remember "Waist" "shoulder" "arm"There were three engines. In fact,"There is a fourth engine"So I would like to introduce this time.

"Fourth engine" means "return of wrist"It is.

The fourth engine that starts three engines in the order of "waist" ⇒ "shoulder" ⇒ "arm" and finally starts is "wrist return". However, this "fourth engine" is the part that is consciously moved by high school students and above who are well-formed. If a small child thinks strangely and moves it, it may lead to injury, so let's concentrate on the “three engines” first!

★The fourth engine is the return of both wrists (the return of the bat). 


Cause of door swing

The three engines produce twisting of the body, and by being aware of weight movement and axis of rotation, it becomes possible to hit a strong and fast ball. However, in the process of becoming better at baseball, the phenomenon that players tend to fall into is the "door swing." Many players are unaware of the fact that their swing is a door swing, and they will notice it only after checking the video.

[Door swing]

Batting like a line drawn when the door is closed. In other words, instead of activating the three engines in order and swinging the bat, Batting with the body and arm moving at the same time, with the left batter open for the right batter and the right side batter for the left batteris.

The characteristics of the players who are in the swing are:The heel of the catcher's foot rises quicklyThat point. "Raise your heels quickly"That means"Rotate your body faster"Because there is a strong awareness.


・Shoulders and arms start moving together. (The left side opens)

・Two engines become one.

・There is no difference in body twisting, and of course the bat speed does not increase.

・In order to increase the bat speed in this state, it is necessary to rotate the body quickly.

・Raise the heel of the catcher side to rotate the body quickly.

How was it? Is your swing a door swing? Did you see that it's so important to run the three engines in sequence?

Up to this point, we have introduced the importance of “bamboo bat training” and its secrets in six times. If you haven't picked up a bamboo bat yet, get it now and start practicing hitting the bat core! In a few years, the batting should have improved significantly!

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