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There is a reason that the distance with the ball is near that the ball is easier to hit the ball higher than a lower ball. In other words, low balls are difficult to hit because they are the distance between the eyes and the eyes. How can you overcome this hard-to-hit low ball?


A low ball is a ball that generally comes below the batter's belt and above the knee. There are three levels, a down, and an upper in the batting swing, but in low-ball overcoming training, you do upper swings.


The largest trajectory in a swing is when the low ball swings. Swing the right track repeatedly and create the right form with a large, smooth trajectory.

How to hit a low ball

  1. Open your legs a little more than the shoulder width and open your toes a little. Knees relax naturally
  2. bring the bat directly under it to their own navel so that the head is down
  3. Take a firm takeback while breaking your elbow
  4. Shake both elbows and grip ends to the ground
  5. Image that the head returns at the time of the impact
  6. fold the elbow and list firmly

Repeat this behavior.


  1. After taking back, do not point the grip end in the pitcher direction ※ The trajectory will change if you point it in the pitcher direction. ※It is important to take the elbow and grip firmly to the ground, and to shake while feeling the weight of the head.
  2. Open your body and be careful not to let the center of gravity go behind you.
  3. be careful not to let your body go forward after shaking


  • Swing slowly and heavily with the image of hitting the low ball under the knee back to the center.
  • The heel is fixed without opening the shoulder, the waist, and the knee while attaching it to the ground.
  • Swing to increase the trajectory using your arms, elbows, and wrists.
  • Entering from his right elbow, he catches the ball in front of Mizonochi and returns his wrist after the impact and takes a big follow-through.

Repeat low-ball swings and tee batting to overcome low balls!

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