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The sooner the better bamboo bat training

Children are very adaptable and will quickly learn what they have experienced and what they have done repeatedly. Also, once the body remembers it, the body immediately remembers it even if there is a blank for a while. On the other hand, like good habits, bad habits are hard to come by.

People who are used to swinging metal bats take a very long time to get out of that habit. A high school student with a strong hit who joined a professional with sounding things may not be able to succeed as expected, but one of the reasons is that he cannot get out of the way of hitting a metal bat.

Many famous professional baseball players have been training with "bamboo bats" since their youth baseball days. In order to develop a good habit, we recommend that you start practicing with a bamboo bat right now!

Benefits of bamboo bat training

・You can catch the ball with the bat core.
・Be able to swing using the weight of the head.
・By repeating the swing repeatedly, you can swing the head quickly.
・By increasing the head speed, you can hit a strong ball.


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The good point of bamboo bat training is that you can experience the feeling of "tightening due to vibration" when you remove the core of the bat, how to fly the ball when you actually hit the core, and the difference in the speed of hitting through practice. Since you can do it, you can check the effect on the spot!

After the bamboo bat training, you will find that if you switch to a metal bat and do batting, you can swing with a metal bat very easily. "Bamboo bat training" is where the effect immediately appears.


What is's bamboo bat? has been promoting the “Boy Bat Promotion Project for Boys” since its inception. We invited a former professional baseball player, Mr. Katsumi Hirosawa, as an advisor to develop a bamboo bat that can be used as the boys grow.

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① You can choose a bat that suits your physique and skill. ⇒ You can choose from 12 sizes of bamboo bats according to your weight, height, and batting skill.

② "Real grip" is adopted to reproduce the grip of a metal bat. ⇒ Adopted a slim grip like a metal bat. Even with a heavy bamboo bat, the head can be pulled back smoothly, making it ideal for strengthening the wrist.


What size bat should I choose? Which bat is right for me? Are you buying a bat somehow without knowing it? At, it is an original guide, but we are introducing a method to easily measure the size. ↓

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And we have prepared a guideline. ↓

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*As this is an original guideline, there may be individual differences.

How was it? next time,Ballpark dot com 12 size bamboo batI will introduce.

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"Bamboo bat for boys"

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