Wooden Bat, Bamboo Bat|What is effective bamboo bat training? -Let's use a short bat!

Use bamboo bat training effectively!

The Bamboo Bat series from Ballpark.com can be widely used by boys and adults. It can be used with both soft and hard types, has excellent durability, and is cheaper than other wooden bats! Here are some ways to effectively incorporate such a bamboo bat into your training.

The short bamboo bats mentioned here have a size in the Bamboo Bat series of Ballpark.com.67 cm to 78 cmUp to the bamboo bat.


Practicing with a short bat is one-handed

I think that many professional baseball players have seen the video of tea batting with one hand during practice.

By training with a one-handed bat,Role division of puller and pusher, Again each"How Should I Use My Shoulders, Armpits, Arms, Elbows, and Wrists?",vice versa,"When does shoulder, armpit, arm, elbow, or wrist movement make bat control useless?"You can learn the technique while thinking about things such as.


Recommended for these people!
・I want to correct how to hit
・I want to wear an inside-out swing
・Want to acquire correct bat control (orbit)
・I want to improve the door swing
・I want to master the flow and usage of the upper body
・I want to get the feeling of pushing the ball in
・I want to hit a strong ball in the opposite direction

Effect on the left hand (pull)
・Improved bat control
・Learn the role of puller during wrist turn
・We can make batting foam with the sides closed.
・You can grasp the trick of swinging in conjunction with the lower body
・Improved door swing
・Acquisition of follow-through payment method

Effect on right (pusher)
・Establishment of meat points
・Learn the role of pusher during wrist turn
・Get a sense of how to use the pusher at the moment of impact
・You can grasp the trick of swinging in conjunction with the lower body
・Improved door swing
・Learn how to use the elbow
・Learn the role of push-through follow-through


        important point

        If you do not practice in the correct form, it may have adverse effects, so please practice with the following points in mind.

        ・Check if the bat's head is lowered!
        ・For right-handed batters, check if the left shoulder is open!
        ・Check if your body is thrusting forward too much!

          Also, hitting a ball with high momentum puts strain on your wrists and elbows and may cause injury, so practice with toss and tea batting.

          For more information on Ballpark.com's short bamboo bats, please visit our website. ⇒"Training bamboo bat"

          Check out the video that summarizes how to practice using the short bamboo bat. ⇒"Practice method using a one-handed bat"

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