High school baseball, hardball baseball | Training with bamboo bats! ~ Let's improve batting! ②

Choose a training bamboo bat that suits your purpose and purpose

I have no sense of purpose, and I can't improve my batting even if I just shake the bat on the dark clouds. What do you lack for your batting, what areas do you want to strengthen, what kind of batter do you want to be? It is very important to practice with a strong awareness of daily practice.

The various training bats introduced this time are bats manufactured with their respective purposes. Please find a bat that suits your purpose and purpose!


Great grip for wrist strengthening training. The slim grip allows you to feel the wrist turn at your fingertips. There are many variations, and the short bat can also be used as a one-handed bat. The grip shape is similar to a metal bat, so you can adapt to a metal bat without any discomfort.

⇒ Click here for real grip bamboo bat for training

The thickest grip at Ballpark.com. Since the pusher is fixed (locked) when swinging due to the extremely thick grip, it is an effective bat for correct swing trajectory correction for batters who have a strong pusher and have a tendency to knead and hit. It is possible to hit actually.

There is also a super-thick bamboo bat!

⇒ Click here for extra thick grip bamboo bat

⇒ Click here for ultra-thick grip bamboo bat


It is effective for training to acquire the correct use of arms. By hitting with one hand, you can understand the role of each hand in batting, and since the bat is short, the point of impact is close to your body, and you can feel the weight of the ball at impact with one hand You can experience how to use your arms properly. (Short-length bats refer to the five shortest bats in the training bamboo bat series.)

⇒Please see the training bamboo bat for short length bats.

 Long bamboo bat for training> Length: 100cm


It is effective for training to acquire the ideal form. Try to swing while slowly drawing a large trajectory so that the body axis does not shake. It is possible to hit it actually, but we recommend that you use it with swinging / tea batting for the purpose of wearing an ideal form.

⇒ Click here for long bamboo bat

Weight: 1,100g


It is effective for training to give power to the whole body. It is recommended that you use the basic swing, tea batting, and free batting to improve the power of the lower body, upper body, and each part so as not to impair the correct swing.

⇒Click here for heavy bamboo bat

<90cm training bamboo bat>

It is effective for training to increase swing speed. Please make sure to maximize the speed of your upper body and lower body when swinging. It is a bat for swinging that aims to give the body a sense of speed.

⇒ Click here for the 90cm training bamboo bat

How was it? Did you find a training bat that suits your purpose? Please make sure to select the purpose of each training bat!

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