Baseball souvenirs, baseball leather|New products! ②~Money clip

We are developing baseball leather products!

"Baseball leather" is the leather used for baseball gloves. Named by At Ball Park, we are developing products using this baseball leather.

The newly added line-ups are "long wallet" and "money clip". Introducing "money clip" this time.

I have never seen such a money clip! ?

First of all, please see the photo.

It is made longer as a money clip. It's not just a clip of money, but a pocket (although some of the money is inserted in the photo) that can hold a license or credit card. By using this pocket, the part that was insufficient for the money clip was covered, making it very easy to use.
Up until now, people who said that they had a long wallet in their back pocket and the wallet had lost its shape were said to be "easy to use", and the popularity is rapidly increasing now! In fact, I have already purchased two (^^♪

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