Basics of youth baseball and batting|Correcting the head trajectory with a pendulum swing

Are you aware of your swing when batting? Especially when your child is in a youth baseball team, you want to teach a proper swing not only in practice but also in your own discipline.

Check your child's swing!

First, let's check the current swing! Those who fit the following three swing forms may be improved by a pendulum swing.

Example 1. The upper body leans backward and the bat does not come out.

Pendulum swing backward tilt example

Example 2. Left leg stretches and upper body bends back.

Pendulum swing upper body warp

Example 3. The right shoulder is extremely lowered.

Pendulum swing

Check your child's swing, and if any of these three apply, try a pendulum swing!

Let's try a pendulum swing!

Let's make a pendulum swing and improve the swing. The bats used at this time are "heavier" and "longer" than the ones I usually use!

-Swing with the image of a pendulum or elephant swaying its nose.

・Swing on the same trajectory, paying attention to three things: "big", "slow", and "repeated".

・If you learn this pendulum swing, it will increase the flexibility of children with stiff bodies and joints!


Pendulum swing method diagram

1. First, check the position of the grip and the position of your right elbow.

2. Put your "right elbow" closer to the center of your body than the grip.

3. At this time, it is a good idea to shake with your left arm closed!

4. And the trick is to shake your left elbow so that it doesn't separate from your body!

You can learn a smooth trajectory by actually shaking these repeatedly and repeatedly like a pendulum.


How was it? If you saw this, you may have noticed the charm of the pendulum swing! Immediately, let's incorporate the pendulum swing into your daily practice and get the knack for batting! Finally, bats that are "heavier" and "longer" than the bats that children usually use can be found in the Shonen Bamboo Bat 12 Series lineup. Please check the size immediately. You will surely find the bat size you want. ⇒ Check the website of the boy's bamboo bat!

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