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Batting check with slow ball machine

Mr. Katsumi Hirosawa's youth baseball and batting class is approaching the end, and we have entered a batting check using a pitching machine. Pitching machine used here. It is a machine that throws a mountain of super slow balls.

Rather than hitting the ball with a slow ball that flies in the mountains and "going to pick it up", hit the ball without picking it up and hit it. It's not easy.

Immediately after seeing the machine, Mr. Hirosawa decided that "this is the practice for the 5th and 6th grade classes", and spent the remaining teaching time to teach the boys of higher grades.

Each one stands in the bat and baits in front of everyone. Even adults are nervous. Hirosawa is also gazing at me.


Katsumi Hirosawa Batting Class Slow Ball Machine Batting Practice

Katsumi Hirosawa Batting Class Slow Ball Machine Batting Practice

Use a bamboo bat for boys

After the batting check is over, we all have a reflection meeting. Mr. Hirosawa will continue to tell the boys about the points that he was interested in and how to practice.

Actually, the bat used in this baseball class is a bamboo bat developed for boys. We asked them to use a wooden bat that they were not used to, and a bamboo bat that would make their hands numb.

Hirosawa says. "The meat spot of a bamboo bat is much smaller than a metal bat, and it's heavy. But if you practice with a bamboo bat that fits your physique, you will surely grow steadily. It will improve!"

We,, have consistently promoted bamboo bats to foster baseball boys. I sincerely hope that the children will learn the feel of the bamboo bat used in this batting class and utilize it for future practice.

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class Batting Class Miyazaki City

*Reflect firmly

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class Bamboo Bat Ball Park dot com for boys

*The bamboo bats used this time were held by the idea of ​​Mr. Hirosawa to finish the batting class. The children's bamboo bats made by that we used this time will be presented to children who have won rock-paper-scissors! !

Both the children and the parents at the scene were very excited! ! There is no such opportunity!

Katsumi Hirosawa Batting Class Miyazaki City Bamboo Bat for Boys

*All kinds were presented! The children who were hit were delighted! In this way, the batting lesson ended with the excitement.

The representatives of the children who participated at the end gave Mr. Hirosawa the words of gratitude!

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class Miyazaki

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class Miyazaki

Persons involved in sponsoring Nippon Life. Thank you for your hard work! We would like to thank everyone from the Miyazaki Sports Trainer Academy and the people involved in the Miyazaki Softball Baseball Federation for their cooperation.

Mr. Hirosawa who visited in the evening of the baseball class. Hirosawa was still a big guy! ! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much! Thank you for your guidance in Miyazaki.♪

Katsumi Hirosawa Miyazaki

It is a picture that shows the difference in physique

Katsumi Hirosawa Miyazaki

With staff.

*The boy's bamboo bat in the photo has been redesigned.

⇒ Click here for details on the new bamboo bat for boys!

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