The feeling son of the ground maintenance Follow the work of the ball park facility management department and groundkeepers! ~ Sprinkling hen

If you don't give moderate moisture, the soil will die.

Rain is not a good thing for the ground because the soil flows, but it is necessary for the ground to replenish moderate water.

Watering at the end of the day

There is an image that watering is done before the game, but our staff thinks that the watering which is sprinkled after the last maintenance of the day is important above all. This is to improve the ground condition of the next day. It is after care.

It is illuminated by the sun all day, and the ground used is neatly maintained, and when the water is rolled at the end of the day, it is heard, and the soil can be seen breathing.

The soil is alive!


Timing of watering. It's important to read the wind direction and the weather!

The important thing in watering is not to collect water. Then, how can i scatter it neatly without unevenness、、、

First, read the wind. Even if watering in the headwind is done, it is returned by the wind and it collects in the same place, and it hangs to me. It gets on the wind when standing on the wind, and spraying it at the angle which draws the arc with the hose firmly, and a beautiful watering can be done. Sometimes a beautiful rainbow is applied.



We also have to think about the weather. Even if it is thought that it sprinkled and scattered neatly, it may start to rain afterwards and the ground becomes flooded extra. It is also important to read the weather.

We also value the feeling of hospitality that we want not only the users of the day but also the users of the next day to use the ground comfortably.

Watering. Watering is done.

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