Batting Basics : How to use your right hand, points of practice

In order to bat correctly, training is essential with the right hand and left hand in mind. In the case of a right batter, it is said that the most important thing in batting is to use the right hand correctly. So this time, I will explain how to use the right hand and the point of practice when batting.

How to use the right hand

How to use your right hand ※ Attention to the right elbow!
1. Start with the right flank tightened.

【CHECK!】 Is the grip end of the bat facing the catcher or is the right elbow ahead of the grip end?
* Hold the position of the head so that it comes between the back and right shoulder. Always conscious that the bat comes to this position!

2. The swing enters from the right elbow and leaves it in the inside of the body.

【CHECK!】 Swing the grip end so that it pulls out the right elbow to the navel instead of pointing it at the ball.
*By entering from the right elbow, the front shoulder can be opened and the swing can be made. I'm conscious of the sensation of a bat winding around my body!

3. Swing with the right elbow at the fulcrum and return the wrist. It is recommended to check whether the right hand is used correctly, and a shorter, lighter bat than the bat usually used. Because it is short and light, it is easy to swing the bat, and an effective practice can be done with the movement of the right hand consciously.

<ハンマーを使った右肘の使い方の練習> Practice using a hammer on your right elbow
Tighten the armpits and put the right elbow inward, and use the elbow to return the wrist. If the swing which makes the right elbow a fulcrum is not able to be done well, it becomes a foul, and the head falls because the position of the right elbow is not inward.

In the practice of using the right elbow with a hammer, you can understand the movement of your bat by the track and the direction of the tip of the hammer, and you can learn how to use the correct right hand by repeating the practice using the hammer.

In correct batting, it is important not only to use the right hand but also the left hand. Once you have learned the correct usage of your right hand, the next step is to learn the correct usage of your left hand.

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