How to build a baseball ground

How to build a ground

I would like to introduce the ground maintenance method this time in response to the voice of such people, "I have never done the ground maintenance" and "I do not know how to maintain one now even if I have experience".

From how to hang a dragonfly, such as how to handle when it rains, I will explain in detail! Before that

The main premise of ground maintenance is to do it on a dry ground!

After the rain shakes, it is not possible to properly maintain the ground in the muddy state.

Rain Ground

However, it is likely to use the ground as soon as rain goes up during the game. So, I'd like to explain it in several cases.

Case 1: There is no time to dry. If you need to use it right away>

If you need to use the ground immediately after the rain, use a rag or bucket to carefully remove the moisture.

Ground Maintenance

After this, let's spread dry sand and make it uniform firmly with the ear sewer.

Ground Development of Uto High School in Kumamoto Prefecture (5)

*It is first aid to spread the sand. After ground use, remove the sand laid and re-lay the original ground maintenance soil.

Case 2: If you want to use it as soon as the ground dries

Rain Ground

As shown in the picture above, if you want to use the ground as soon as the moisture is gone, hang a brush or a brush to dry the surface faster.

If you hang it while drawing an arc around the mound, you will see the surface gradually dry. The ground can be used by this, but the soft black soil which originally covers the ground surface sinks to the bottom because of rain, and the ground hardens if the ground is continued to use as it is, and the condition becomes bad because it is in the state that sand has gone out to the surface.

※ When there is sunshine time, let's hang the dragonfly in the way to dig up the soil firmly.


Let's maintain it with a dragonfly with a nail rake!


In daily practice, the ground soil is full of spike holes. If only the part of the hole of the spike is put on the ear sewer, and the surface is tatted with the hake afterwards, the appearance is finished neatly.

However, the difference comes out in the hardness of the soil of the part which trampled by the spike and the hardness of the soil which does not step on, and it becomes a cause of irregular bounce in case of this.

The important thing is to hang a dragonfly while digging up the soil with a rake to the depth which has been dug up by the spike! This is the "dragonfly with nail rake" that appears here!

dragonfly with nail rake ball park dot com

It is an enlarged photograph of the tip.

dragonfly with nail rake ball park dot com

The soil is dug up with the nail rake attached to the tip, and it loosens it if there is a mass of the soil. And, the soil is uniform in the back side after it digs it up. Two roles in one. It is a dragonfly of two birds with one stone exactly!

Dragonfly hanging from usual is important!

How was it? By not leaving first aid treatment in the rain and then taking appropriate action, the ground will always be in good condition and the players will be able to play without injury.

Large-scale ground maintenance using tractors is only done about once a year. It is possible to keep the minimum ground condition by applying the ear sewer steadily from usual.

AndPlease use "Dragonfly with nail rake" for the usual ear sewer hanging.


For more information on "Dragonfly with Nail Rake", check out the website!


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