Batting Basics|What are the points to use and practice with your left hand?

It is important to use the right hand and the left hand correctly for correct batting. If you can use the right hand properly referring to the previous article, let's learn how to use the left hand correctly and improve the completion of batting!

Now, I will explain how to use your left hand and practice points when batting.


How to use your left hand

*Pay attention to your left elbow!

1. Start with the left side tightened.

[CHECK!] Confirm that the grip end of the bat faces the catcher!

2. Swing leaving the left elbow inside the body.

3. After impact, tighten your left arm and leave your left elbow inside your body, then turn your wrist.

[CHECK!] Be careful not to let the left elbow fall outside the frame of your body! Firmly fold your left elbow within the frame of your body.

Sample with poor left hand usage

*Do not open the left side when starting. (Upper left image)

If you open your left side at the start, the bat will be pulled and you will not be able to swing it in front of you.

*You cannot open the left side after the wrist turn. (Upper right image)

The important thing to do when using your left hand when batting is to move your left elbow compactly and keep your left arm open while keeping in mind your body.

It is recommended to use a bat that is shorter and lighter than the bat you normally use to practice batting with your left hand.

By using a short bat, you will not have an unusually strong swing, and you can concentrate on your training only by using your left hand. In addition, by using a short bat and performing training while keeping in mind how to use your right and left hands, you will be able to improve the swing trajectory and acquire correct batting.

The cause of the trouble that the ball does not fly forward and the hit does not come out is that the use of the right hand or the left hand is not well done or the body is unconsciously opened.

Batting can dramatically improve by training areas you were not normally aware of, so please give it a try!

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