Tokyo Roku University Baseball All-Star Game in Miyazaki ①-From member introduction to the event!

First held in Kyushu! What is the Tokyo Roku University Baseball All-Star Game?

The Tokyo Roku University Baseball League is a baseball league consisting of six universities, of course known as "Waseda", "Keio University", "Meiji", "Hosei", "Tokyo", and "Rikkyo". It has a long history, and the first round of "Meiji University" vs. "Rikkyo University" on September 20, 1925 (Taisho 14) has been reached as the first game of the Federation. The Meiji Jingu Stadium was completed in 1915. In 1988, the construction of the stadium was expanded at the expense of the Federation, and a large stadium with a capacity of 55,000 people was completed. After that, baseball was banned due to the effects of World War II, and after the war, due to the confiscation of the stadium by the U.S. military, the game was not held properly at the Meiji Jingu Stadium until March 1952 (Showa 27). Meiji Jingu Stadium was returned to Meiji Jingu at the 31st of March with the peace treaty with the United States, and now it is possible to play regular league games. After that, without any interruption, we are still playing spring and autumn league games and rookie competitions at the stadium. (⇒ Quoted from Ayumi of Tokyo Roku University Baseball Federation)

The Tokyo Roku University Baseball All-Star Game is an exhibition match of a mixed team of active players selected from the Tokyo Roku University Baseball Federation. The most recent member of the Spring League match will form one team with selected members from each of the 1st, 4th, and 5th teams, and 1 team with selected members from each of the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th teams I will fight. The selection of players will take place after the end of the Spring League match, and a manager and 7-8 players will be selected from each team. In the past, all-star games have been held in the following areas.・2010: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

Team Name: Bocchan VS Madonna

・2013: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Team name: Suruga Bay VS Mt. Fuji

・2014: Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture

Team name: Mount Winder VS Mount Hakkai

・2015: Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture and Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture (held at 2 venues)

Team name: Hamone VS Anan (Anan City)

Team name: Land Support Team VS Sea Support Team (Kochi City)

・2016: Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture

Team name: Nijioji Mountains VS Fujitsukahama Oceans

And 2017 ★Saturday, August 26: Ivy Stadium, Ikomemori Sports Park, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Team name: SUN Phoenix VS OCEAN Bougainvillea

◎Captain〇 Born in Miyazaki△ From Kyushu 【directed by】 Tomonari Mizoguchi (Rikkyo University Baseball Club Director) 【coach】 Hiroshi Takahashi (Director of Waseda University Baseball Club), Takehiro Tanaka (Coach of Meiji University Baseball Club) 【pitcher】 〇Rikuo Shimizu (4th year student at Waseda University: Omiya Miyazaki)〇 Rei Nasu (4th year student at Waseda University: Nobeoka Gakuen) △ Kotaro Otake (4th year student at Waseda University: Jinro High School), Kazuya Kojima (3rd year at Waseda University: Urawa Gakuin) Kohei Miwa (3rd year at Meiji University: Nihon Daizo), Seiya Tanaka (2nd year at Rikkyo University: Toin Osaka) Tezuka Shu (2nd year at Rikkyo University: Fukushima), Kei Nakagawa ( Rikkyo University 1st year: Kiri Koen) 【catcher】 Tomoya Kishimoto (3rd year Waseda University: Hokuyo Kaneki), Taisuke Himi (3rd year Meiji University: Toyokawa) Jundai Fujino (2nd year Rikkyo University: East Kawagoe) [Infielder] Yuya Kasamatsu (4th year, Rikkyo University: Osaka Toin), Akira Utsuguchi (4th year, Waseda University: Takigawa) ◎Shinji Sato (4th year student at Waseda University: Setouchi), Hayato Nakano (4th year, Meiji University: Kiri Koen) Keiji Iisako (3rd year, Rikkyo University: Kobe International University),△ Keita Hayashida (3rd year, Rikkyo University: Shimabara) △ Yudai Takase (3rd year of Meiji University: Nishi Nagasaki), Yusuke Uemura (3rd year Meiji University: Nichinan Gakuen) [Outfielder] Yuta Yamane (Rikkyo University 4th year: Urawa Gakuin), Kentaro Yagi (4th year Waseda University: Minoru Waseda) Ryosuke Aizawa (3rd year Meiji University: Kansai), Hiroto Terayama (3rd year Rikkyo University: Kobe International University) Tachiya Ochi (Meiji) (3rd year university: Tanbara), Masaki Kato (2nd year Waseda University: Minoru Waseda) 【manager】 △ Kota Inoue (Rikkyo University 4th year: Fukuoka Ohori) ◎Captain 〇 Local Miyazaki △ From Kyushu 【directed by】 Hideaki Okubo (Director of Keio University Baseball Club) 【coach】 Hisanori Aoki (Director, Baseball Club, Hosei University), Kazushi Hamada (Director, Baseball Club, The University of Tokyo) 【pitcher】 Takuya Kumagai (4th year from Hosei University: Hiratsuka Gakuen), Yuya Hasegawa (4th year from Hosei University: Seibo Gakuen) Kohei Miyadai (4th year from the University of Tokyo: Shonan), Kyoshiro Kikuchi (3rd year from Keio University: Keio Shiki) Hideya Sugano (3rd year Hosei University: Kodaka), Yuki Takahashi (2nd year Keio University: Higashi Kawagoe) Ryogo Takahashi (2nd year Keio University: Shonan Fujisawa Keio), Taishi Yamashita (The University of Tokyo) 【catcher】 Minoru Morita (4th year at the University of Tokyo: attached to Gakugei University),△ Hiroto Nakamura (3rd year, Hosei University: Taragi) Yuya Gunji (Keio University 2nd year: Ikuei Sendai) [Infielder] Shota Shimizu (Keio University 4th year: Kiri Koen),△ Tsubasa Seo (4th year Keio University: Saga Waseda) Naoyuki Kurata (Keio University 4th grade: Hamamatsu Nishi), Ryo Akedo (Keio University) ◎ △ Teruya, base (Keio University 4th year: Okinawa Shogaku), Taisei Yamada (4th year at the University of Tokyo: Tomo Tori) Hiroki Harada (3rd year at Hosei University: Kyoei Kasukabe), Shota Nakayama (3rd year at Hosei University: Shoseisha) Masato Soma (2nd year at Hosei University: Takasaki Univ.) [Outfielder] Mori Ryoma (4th year of Hosei University: Nihon Daizo), So Kusunita (4th year of The University of Tokyo: Toho) Usaya Shunya (3rd year of The University of Tokyo: Toho), Tatsu Yanagimachi (Keio University 2nd year: Keio University) Funaki Kai (Hosei University) 2nd year: Tenri) 【manager】 Kohei Banda (Keio University 4th year: Keio Shiki)

At the hot stand, hot cheers fly!

The match started with the opening ceremony of Governor Kono Miyazaki.

Cheerleaders and cheerleaders from each university rushed to the all-star game this time and continued to cheer from the stand. When the cheering songs and school songs of each school were performed in a brass band by a high school student in Miyazaki, the atmosphere of the Jingu stadium itself became exactly here, and the fans who came to the stand were also very impressed!

The weather in Miyazaki on the day of the match was extremely hot! Encouragement to blow away such heat from the stand to the ground!

In the match, OCEAN Bougainvillea, who scored 4 points in the first time, took advantage of the match and won the SUN Phoenix 11-6 to win the match in the second half. ⇒ Click here for detailed match results! In this all-star game, Yasunobu Yamauchi, the representative of,As the executive director of the executive committee, and was held as a cooperating company the day after the competition."Baseball class"I was also involved in. this"Baseball class"Is a college baseball player who participated in an all-star game, and teaches junior high school students baseball. Next time this"Baseball class"We will report the pattern!

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