Tokyo Six University Baseball All-Star Game in Miyazaki 2-1 Baseball Class held by six active university baseball players

Baseball coaching by all-star game players

The next main event of the players who finished the Tokyo Six University Baseball All-Star Game was held the next day.Baseball Class。 This baseball classJunior high school students who will play the next generation of baseballThe current players who belong to the best college baseball league directly coached, so it was very meaningful. The baseball class was held at Ivy Stadium, where the All-Star Game was held the day before!

The leaders and parents of junior high school students who were watching the guidance were also shining. From the leaders of the junior high school students representing Miyazaki,"The guidance of college students is interesting. I tried to teach that way for the first time. It was very helpful."I got a comment!

The All-Star Game raises a local baseball boy!

The Tokyo Six University Baseball All-Star Game has been held in various places in the past. What is the meaning of being held in rural areas, not near Tokyo? It might be hoped that boys' love of baseball more by showing baseball with a high level of players of the university baseball league of the highest peak to baseball boys in the provinces where it goes to Jingu Stadium and not to see their games, to heat the desire to put on baseball, and to grow up to be a player who can support baseball of Japan in the future. The sense of intimacy and trust that are born only because of the guidance by current university students who are close to their age. The Tokyo Six University Baseball All-Star Game is exactly what brings up local baseball boys! This is the first all-star game to be held in Kyushu, and we were able to achieve great success with the support of special cooperation, local sponsors, six universities, and OG alumni associations, including Miyazaki Prefecture and Miyazaki City. At the post-match reception, the collaboration between and Ja Miyazaki Keizairen"New Products"There is also a presentation of... The reception pattern and i'm worried about it."New Products"We will report in more detail next time!

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