We provided training bamboo bats to the 8th Kizushi Koshien!

Ideal for training to catch the ball with the core of the bat in boyhood

As part of the “Boy Bat Promotion Project for Boys”, we provided “90cm Training Bamboo Bat (90cm/750g)” to “Kizuna Koshien” to all participating teams.

"Kizuna Koshien" is a tournament that started in 2011 and is the 8th time this time, with the goal of letting little seniors in the disaster-stricken area, Tohoku, know that there are many friends through hardball baseball. Kizuna Koshien was held in Fukushima Prefecture on August 4th and 5th for two days.


We at Ballpark.com support the purpose of Kizuna Koshien, and have been providing our "90cm training bamboo bat" to all participating teams since the last competition. Yakuhiro Usami, a former Yakult Swallows player and representative of the Rokuhachi Baseball Studio, who works as the secretariat of Kizushi Koshien, also said that this 90 cm training bat is suitable for training to catch the ball with the core of the bat in adolescence, We are using this bat to teach us.

Ballpark.com will continue to support Kizuna Koshien and work to spread bamboo bat training.

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