Held Junior Baseball Class hosted by the Japan Pony Baseball Association

A junior baseball classroom hosted by the Japan Pony Baseball Association was held.

Katsumi Hirosawa was welcomed as a lecturer, and we provided a bamboo bat for boys as part of the "Bamboo Bat Promotion Project".

Date and time: Saturday, July 1, 2018 13: 30-

Location: Miyazaki City Kiyotake Sports Park (Hyuga Natsu Dome)

 First, explain the theory of batting with an easy -to -understand explanation for children.

After that, a baseball class was actually held using our "Bamboo Bat".

The players who received advice from Mr. Hirosawa changed from the previous swing.

Changed so that you can see the bad swing habit and the momentum of the hit ball

The players who received the advice seemed to be surprised by themselves.

We areFrom now on, As many children as possible to spread bamboo bat for boys

I would like to proceed with the "Bamboo Bat Promotion Project for Boy Bat Bat" to improve technical skills.


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