"FUNKY STADIUM MIYAZAKI" rental start of trial battles

"FUNKY STADIUM MIYAZAKI" grand opening on October 11, 2019

There is a JB bamboo bat from the test hit in the store.

You can actually use it.

"FUNKY STADIUM MIYAZAKI" can actually hit a hard ball

You can experience the "numbness of the hand" when the core is removed, which is a feature of bamboo bat.

In addition, each size is available, so it is the best place to find a bat that suits you now.

It is a 5 -minute drive from Ball Park Dot Com, so check your size

After that, some customers come to purchase.

It is very important to get used to wooden bats from a young age in anticipation of the future.

By all means, please experience our boy bamboo bat when you come near.

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