Batting remodeling plan / ideal batting! 2


Batting remodeling plan 2nd! In the last time, I introduced "bite training" using a short bat. I think that the person who was practised immediately is also coming. This time, we introduce a big bat! The big bat is said to be in the thickness of its grip. ★Grip of the bat★ Grip size Why? It's a thick grip! Because the grip is thick, the movement of the wrist is restrained, so it is not easy to return the wrist only by the palm of your wrist or fingertip. Therefore, the batter with the habit of kneading, and the batter that the head comes out very late, is effective in the training of the so-called wrist turn which takes the timing of the return of the wrist by repeating repeatedly training with the polar bat. And Butt control is difficult. The form has collapsed. - I want to put on the feeling of the pusher at impact. It is a perfect training bat for those who have the goal. The pole grip bat has three sizes. Grip bat Choose the length and weight of the bat you are currently using. For more information about the polar bat, visit the ball park dot com website. Big bat concept
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