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The ground soil is alive

As a ground maintenance article, I have introduced several times in this web magazine [Dragonfly with nail rake]. Among those who purchase this dragonfly, there are quite a few who also purchase soil for ground paving.

Even if the ground is carefully maintained with dragonflies, the soil will surely deteriorate and the condition will deteriorate due to the effects of weather and ordinary practice. If that happens, it will be necessary to replace the soil.

This time, I would like to introduce "Black soil mixed soil" which is very excellent as "ground pavement soil"!


Excellent soil to protect the condition of the sports field

[Black soil mixed soil] sold by is a mixture of viscous black soil from Kagoshima and two types of sand with an adjusted particle size in an optimal ratio. For example, professional baseball fields, soccer fields, and school grounds. Very good at supporting the condition of the sports field of.

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raw materialsCohesive black soil (from Kagoshima), Kawasuna (Black soil 6: Kawasuna 4)


・Drains quickly
・Comfortable cushioning
・Ideal sliding
・Natural ball bound
・Absorbs light reflection

Internal capacity: 20kg

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