Baseball Equipment and Ground Development | The cosmetic sand! Cosmetics will quickly recover the condition of the ground!

To recover the rainfall and quick recovery!

Don't step on the ground where the rain is wet after it rains. because when the ground is dry, the marks of the muddy are fixed, and the condition gets worse.

However, there are times when we are in the middle of a game or we have to use the ground as soon as the game is going to rain. This is helpful when you do that.[cosmetic sand]This is the "ground paving material" called "ground paving."

[cosmetic sand]The air conditioning is fast, and the condition recovers in a short period of time even after the rain. It's best to create a very comfortable field environment!


The makeup of the ball park is ' baked sand. '

The Ball Parkdotcom.[cosmetic sand]said the"The roasted sand."in the form of a *This is also referred to as yakusago While the general sand is humid in the process of producing and collecting sand, the sand is not sticky due to the dry process of the sand.Furthermore, it is more effective since it is further heated and processed.

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Raw materials: river sand Amount of content: 20 kg

[Cosmetics] has a role to alleviate the impact of not only controlling the graveering of the ground, but also giving a moderate "slip" to the horizontal motion of the player on which it is played!

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[cosmetic sand]

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