The feeling son of the ground maintenance Follow the work of the ball park facility management department and groundkeepers! ~ Tractor hen

do the best job in a limited time

The tractor is usually used when time such as the game before the game is limited though the ground is maintained by using the ear sewer. Tractors are essential for building a ground.

It has the effect of increasing the efficiency of maintenance time and curing the inlandof the entire ground. It's a good place for the groundkeeper to show off his skills!

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Driving a tractor is a special technology!

In the case of professional baseball, pre-game maintenance must be carried out in about 20 minutes and maintained so that irregulars do not happen.

In addition, after the end of the five times, it is necessary to clean the ground in a short time, such as maintenance in about 5-10 minutes, so the technique to ride the tractor well and efficiently is required.


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It looks easy, but the speed is quite good, and it is very skilled. The groundkeeper of the facility management department allows everyone to operate this tractor (^^♪

If there is a light truck even if there is no tractor, it is OK!

I introduced it the other day in a web magazine."Magic Maintenance"If you use, just attach to the back of the light truck, you can ground maintenance as if you were maintained with a tractor!
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It's quite finished!
⇒ This[Magic Maintenance Mat]For more information onFrom here!

Maybe you can see the brilliant tractor technique of the groundkeepers when you go to the ballpark!
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