JB Ball | Rigid practice ball (You choose for durability? Choose by economy?)

JB practice ball (Practice Ball)

Ball Park Dotcom sells hard practice balls that are particular about quality, durability and prices.
For those who are worried in terms of cost, we recommend JB-B001, which emphasizes economics as well as durability.
JB-B002 is recommended for those who are cheap and seeking durability.
You can choose whether to choose durability or economy depending on the team situation!

JB ball, practice ball, hard practice ball

 Economic ◎Durable ◯)Emphasis on economy!

Sales price: 5,400 yen (excluding tax) 450 yen per ball

Part number: JB-B200(Economic ◯ ) Emphasis on durability!

Sales price: 6,600 yen (excluding tax) 550 yen per ball

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* Free name printing service from 5 strokes

 Ball with logo

Team logo and letters are OK. ( * If it is less than 5 strokes, it will be charged)
Since it is free name printing from 5 strokes, we have ordered many gifts to the team.

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