Professional Baseball Camp Information - Orix Buffaloes - Professional Specification sand - Ground keeper's work will be introduced.

The watchman of the ground! That's the grand keeper.

I have often introduced this web magazine [ground maintenance]. Ball is building the ground for SoftBank's "Ivy Stadium" and Orix Buffalo's camp site, SOKKEN Stadium.

We were coached by professional groundkeepers (craftsmen who are working to keep the ground at their best), and at Ivy Stadium, we were able to leave the ground development to us alone.

This time, two professional keepers from Orix Buffaloes and the ball park staff at SOKKEN Stadium are working. In order to further improve the technology of ground maintenance, we will work together in this way.

★The keeper's morning is very early. The players will stand on the ground two hours before they arrive and check their condition.

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(1)

★And, the ground maintenance started.

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(2) Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(3)

★Remove the stone

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(4)

★Draw the line

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(5)

★Sprinkle when the ground dries!

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(7)

★If it rains, cover it with a sheet!

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(8)

★Sucking up work with a sponge if water accumulates

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(9)

★I washed the base and painted it with paint.

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(10)

★I buried the sand in the hole which opened in the turf.

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(11)

★We also repair the net!

Buffaloes Grand Keeper 2016(12)

There are still many other things to do! It's too much!

The groundkeeper is also a professional baseball player. Thanks to the keepers, the players can devote theirsself to the practice without injury! The next time you visit the stadium, please check the groundkeepers' movements.

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