Professional baseball camp information|A long line at the SoftBank Hawks camp !

A long line of fans from the morning! Showed the dignity of the king!

Softbank Hawks is camping in for the first weekend. On Saturday, February 6th, around 8:30 in the morning, a long line of fans was like this, at the place where the players got on and off the bus!

Hawks Camp 2016 ①

Stand just after the stadium gate opened!

Hawks Camp 2016 ②

Fun attractions outside the stadium!

Hawks Camp 2016 ③

At noon, the presentation ceremony of Miyazaki products was held, and the Mayor of Toshiki, Miyazaki City handed over the fruit platter to Director Kudo!

Hawks Camp 2016 ⑤

By the way, the fruit platter looks like this!

Hawks Camp 2016 ⑥

That's all for today's practice! The chance to get a signature from the stadium until you get on the bus (^^♪ But a huge number of fans are waiting, so please do not hurt yourself! We will continue to report on Hawks Camp, so please look forward to it!

⇒For official SoftBank Hawks camping information, please check the URL below!

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