Ground maintenance | Brought up by Hawks! The staff who grew up through Miyazaki Camp!

Interviewed by Nishinihon Shimbun

Kushima-kun, the staff at I am in charge of managing the Ivy Stadium. Such Kushima-kun was interviewed by Nishinihon Shimbun at the Hawks Camp in the spring of 2013. This is a very good article that conveys his work style and personality. Let me introduce you here!


Raised by Hawks! (West Japan Newspaper: Article on February 9, 2013)

West Japan Newspaper article, Ballpark dot com

Ivy stadium in the early morning, when the rain started from the day before. The morning sun shines through the clouds. The day begins with a 60m square rain shelter sheet covering the infield ground. Grab a dragonfly with an iron blade to the mound. Crispy. The rough soil is leveled. “Simply flattening the surface leaves holes that are cut by spikes under the ground, causing irregularities.” Mr. Kushima said, digging the soil once with the blade. Turn the dragonfly upside down and arrange with a flat wooden surface, step on it to harden, and finish with the brush dragonfly. A mound with no footprints was made in about 20 minutes. “I'm happy that my practice goes smoothly every day. It would be great if I could become the best in Japan in the fall.” Take a step back and watch the athletes sweat on the finished ground until the evening. In 2004, when SoftBank Fukuoka started a spring camp in Miyazaki City, it entered the "NPO Miyazaki Sports Promotion Association" to undertake the maintenance of the stadium and other fields. During the period, a "professional" keeper will come from the team. "At first, everyone was an amateur and couldn't do anything."That. First-class maintenance seen up close. "I can only see it at this time," he desperately pursued his work, stealing his skills such as how to use the dragonfly and how to use a maintenance tractor. Now, 10 years after the camp "I think I was raised by the Hawks." “Because of their work, players can practice. Be proud!” The words given by the team keeper are hidden in my chest. The mound of professional baseball is the world in millimeters. The height of the plate is 25.4 cm. Incline the 198 cm point to the platform side by 15.2 cm lower. Confidence can be seen in the words, "I judge from a long-term sense while looking at the angle of the dragonfly." This year, the first round of WBC will be held at Yahoo Auction Dome, home of the Hawks. The keeper of the team leaves Miyazaki for maintenance and will be in charge of everything from 9th. “It's a proof that I was recognized as a keeper. I must respond to the trust.” I gazed at the setting sun.・・・・・・・・・

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