Baseball Mound Maintenance|I visited the junior high school mound maintenance!

Experience required for mound maintenance!

Last time, the state of mound maintenance at Daiichi High School was introduced, but this time it is a pattern of mound maintenance at Ikimedai Junior High School in Miyazaki City! * Mound before maintenance Raw eye stand mound ① It's a mound you often see in junior high school. *Since the frame of the plate is not in the bottom, take the position of the plate with water thread and dig out the plate. Mound maintenance *Embed together with height, position, horizontal position, etc. Mound maintenance *Click here for completion Mound maintenance How about that? Compared to the first picture, it doesn't look like the same school mound! Junior and high school directors! Why don't you make it into a fine mound once? !
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