College baseball|the 93rd Kyushu University baseball championship・Miyazaki tournament was held!

started on unfolded Miyazaki tournament!

This year's 3 late 4 late to"Made in Kyushu University baseball championship・Miyazaki competition". The League format was done in the same competition. Results reported late, it was as tall as you!!! Actually the final tournament last weekend in Okinawa was held. As a result the Next Web magazine is report it!
<Miyazaki tournament results>

Miyazaki in this tournament,"宮崎産業経営大学", and"win rate 10 discount"and the overwhelming strength by winning the final tournament advanced to the final for! Also, it 宮崎産業経営大学 1 of the losses suffered at the"University of Miyazaki", and"win 7 crack 5 minutes"in the 2-position into the final tournament berth for you.

Miyazaki Tournament, 3 on 28 November from about 1 month,川南町 Sports Park Baseball Stadium in the intense battles waged by them. Results as indicated above, the contestants of each team and also try our best for a good match if you like. Athletes,congratulations!

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College baseball Miyazaki tournament 2015 College baseball Miyazaki tournament 2015② University baseball Miyazaki tournament 2015③

⇒Miyazaki tournament for more information, please click the link below to check it. < Kyushu University baseball League・Miyazaki tournament results >

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