Baseball Tournament|City Baseball Tournament, Minamikyushu Area Qualifying was held!

South Kyushu district qualifiers that applied the Kyushu district qualifiers!

The 86th Inter-city Baseball Tournament, Minamikyushu Qualifying, was held on April 29! ・Miyazaki Umeda Gakuen ・Miyazaki Welfare Medical College ・Kagoshima Dream Wave In a brute force match of three teams, a fierce battle was held with the framework of one team participating in the Kyushu tournament, the result...
Miyazaki Umeda Academy wins! ! (Congratulations!)

Participation in the "Kyushu Area Qualifying" held in Kumamoto in June will be decided! Please exercise your usual power in the Kyushu area qualifying and participate in the national competition!

City opposition baseball Minamikyushu qualifying 2015 ① City opposition baseball South Kyushu district qualifying 2015 ②

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Urban opposition baseball Minamikyushu qualifying 2015 ③

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