Ground Maintenance|Chocotte Tips from Ground Keeper-How to draw a line

Let's decide and pull at once!

In baseball, the outcome of the game can be greatly affected by fairs or fouls. The foul line is the basis for that judgment. Recently, the number of artificial grass fields has increased and the chances of drawing a foul line have decreased, but here are some important points when drawing a line.


There are skills and getting used to drawing lines, but the most important thing is to go straight ahead once you have decided to get rid of thoughts.

There is a big difference at a glance when you draw while checking the back line and when you focus only on the front.

The trick at this time is to draw a straight and beautiful line by aligning the line of sight with the entire surroundings in the same way as driving a car, instead of aligning the line of sight directly below.

It is a line draw, but it is very important to think that the line you draw determines the outcome of the match. If you can draw a line cleanly, you will be worried about the judgment of the hit ball at the line, and you can enjoy a different enjoyment from playing.

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