Baseball Souvenir|To commemorate graduation, graduation, participation, championship, 60th birthday, and retirement! Give only one souvenir to the world!

Are you preparing for the baseball memorabilia?

It's been two months since I left this year. When the new year comes, I'm about to graduate. Many of the graduates and seniors who are going to graduate, and commemorative items for courageous directors and coaches will start preparing from this time.

If you give it away, baseball products are good!'s [Baseball souvenir] responds to such voices. I have introduced this web magazine many times, but baseball souvenirs are still evolving.

Here, we will select and introduce products that will be of reference to everyone from the baseball souvenirs of the ball park.

<5cm mini bat>


<8cm mini bat>


<38cm mini bat>



 <85cm regular bat>

85cm%e3%83%ac%e3%82%ae%e3%83%a5%e3%83%a9%e3%83%bc%e3%83%90%e3%83%83%e3%83%88% e2%91%a2

<45cm mini deck bat>

45cm%e3%83%9f%e3%83%8b%e3%83%87%e3%82%ab%e3%83%90%e3%83%83%e3%83%88%e5%8d%92% e5%9b%a3%e8%a8%98%e5%bf%b5%e2%91%a0


How is it? Did you have a favorite souvenir? If you have any questions or wishes regarding souvenir making, please feel free to contact us!

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