After the rainy season

The rainy season has come and the hot summer continues every day. Now, what condition is the ground after the rainy season?
If you put your feet on the ground, you'll have a hollow bodice. Moreover, even if it is well established, it must be a dent depending on the condition of the soil. Even if it is made by a dragonfly in such a concave ground, it is only the surface, and it is not completely improved.
It is "Dragonfly Dragonfly" that needs it.

With nail Reiki, you can tighten the recessed part firmly and the difference between the finish is clear.

How to use video

However, it is dragonfly that the ground maintenance cannot be done correctly according to usage. Please take care of the dragonfly with nail rake and practice in the ground where maintenance is good! !

The order of "Dragonfly Dragonfly" is from order.
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