Wagyu JB Grab | Proven by verification! The strength and tenacity of Wagyu JB glove leather!

Strength measurement using a tensile tester

The "Wagyu JB glove" is used by major league players as well as Japanese professional baseball players. Since its release, many athletes have highly evaluated the softness and familiarity of the leather.

However, due to its softness and the property that it quickly fits in the hand, some players had a kind of "concern" that "strength" might be low. Certainly, Miyazaki Wagyu is the best beef in Japan. But how strong is the "skin"? How strong is the glove as "leather"? Soft Japanese beef leather may crack and "break" immediately.

Therefore, in order to dispel such players' concerns and doubts, we have carried out a strength test using a "tensile measurement tester" (autograph AG-10TD) with the cooperation of the Miyazaki Industrial Technology Center Electronic Machinery Department. It was


Proved to be twice as strong as other leathers!

As a result of the demonstration, it was found that it is twice as strong as other comparative leathers.

According to the tensile test, Wagyu JB leather did not have a "broochin" fracture surface because the fibers were condensed, and the tenacity of the fibers was observed. (Right in the photo above) Click here for detailed test methods and results!

These experiments prove that Wagyu JB leather not only excels in softness and fit, but also has first-class strength.

Dear users, and players who are thinking about purchasing, please continue to use Wagyu JB Grab with peace of mind. Ballpark.com will continue to work on making better beef JB grabs!

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