Grand Maintenance- Ground maintenance during the rainy season - What is the ground maintenance method that can be done by ourselves? (2)

If you want to use the ground immediately after the rain

Last time, we introduced first aid response when using the muddy ground immediately. Here are some ways to maintain when the ground dries quickly. First of all, the state that the ground has just dried is like this.

Rain Ground

As shown in the picture above, if you want to use the ground as soon as the moisture is gone, hang a brush or a brush to dry the surface faster. If you hang it while drawing an arc around the mound, you will see the surface gradually dry.

Ground Development of Uto High School in Kumamoto Prefecture (5)

You can use the ground by this,The soft black soil that originally covers the ground surface sinks below because of the rain, and the surface has sand.So,If you continue to use the ground, the ground will be stiff and the condition will be worse.

To return the original black soil laid on the ground to its original state, it is very important to hang a dragonfly when there is daylight hours. Next time, I will introduce you to the correct way to hang dragonflies!


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