Ground maintenance | Ground maintenance during rainy season-What is the ground maintenance method that we can do by ourselves? ①

Let's know the basics of ground maintenance!

Isn't it the ground maintenance that causes headaches each year during the rainy season? To keep the ground in good condition, do not put your foot in the muddy ground. However, if you really want to practice immediately after the rain, knowing first-aid measures can minimize the adverse effects on the subsequent ground conditions.

This time, I would like to introduce a part of such grand maintenance.


If you do not have time to dry the ground

Rain ground

If you need to use a muddy ground, first use a rag or bucket to carefully remove the water. Like this!

Ground maintenance

After this, spread dry sand. Please make sure to even out the marks! Like this!

Ground maintenance dragonfly

*However, laying sand is an emergency treatment. After using the ground, remove the sand and spread the original ground maintenance soil.

Ground maintenance is a difficult task, but it is said that the teams practicing on a well-maintained ground will become stronger. Please do not hesitate to do this in order to avoid injury during practice!

Next time, I will introduce the ground maintenance after the rain! ⇒ "Dragonfly" required for ground maintenance. Dragonfly with nail rake is recommended. For more information, check the URL below!

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