Shonen Baseball Class|Katsumi Hirosawa's batting instruction is amazing! ②

Guidance and practice based on baseball theory

"Shonen Baseball/Batting Class in Taba Stadium" by Katsumi Hirosawa! !

Mr. Hirosawa prepares for tea batting while the children are stretching and running.

Hirosawa Katsumi Tea batting in preparation

* Mr. Hirosawa and Yamauchi, the representative of, who is a junior at the baseball club of Meiji University, who are preparing. By the way, the baseball boys who participated did a thorough preparatory exercise (cooperation with Miyazaki Sports Trainer Academy), and at the same time with the voice of "Meeting!" With a serious attitude, I will finally receive practical instruction on batting.

Katsumi Hirosawa Batting Class Youth Baseball Team

Batting for hitting in- and out-course balls

The subject of this batting class. that is

●The importance of grasping the ball quickly and correctly

●Moving weight when hitting the in-course is different from when hitting the out-course

●Which foot moves or does not move

● Eliminate the blurring of the core of the body. (Movement of frame)


Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class How to Hold the Ball

* Grip the ball quickly and correctly!

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball Class How to hit the in-course

* Hit the in-course ball! Of course, not only that, but while confirming the batting of all children, we will point out and correct their weaknesses. Just looking at guidance for others can be a great learning experience for children. It is exactly like a "priest in front of the gate".

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball classroom direct instruction

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball classroom direct instruction

Sometimes severely, "A child who hasn't heard can go out of the ground!" And gently, "Isn't it okay? Don't overdo it." Mr. Hirosawa, who does not loosen his hand until the end in the bad weather with occasional light rain.

Katsumi Hirosawa Baseball classroom Teaching passion

After finishing the teaching of everyone's tea batting, it is finally time to make a final check using the pitching machine. The pitching machine was fully prepared and the "slow ball machine" was introduced. The latest weapon of my ball park dot com? is!

It's not easy to hit a super slow ball that flies in mountains. By the way, can the boys hit well? .. ..

Continued next time!

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