Downtown Cup batting seminar (players and leaders seminars)

1rsp31 2013 years 1 months 13 days(day)Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 上一色 in Junior High School,downtown tablespoons batting workshop was held. So 広澤克実 the lecturer in the morning single players and about 80 students for the of tutoring. In the afternoon in Tokyo in the body 連野 ball unit leaders 70 Name for"batting theory"workshop was conducted. Event name: downtown cups batting seminar (players and leaders seminars) organized by: downtown tablespoons Executive Committee date and time: 2013 years 1 months 13 days(days) Lecturer: 広澤克実 no place: Edogawa-Ku stand 上一色 Junior High School Time: 9: 00-15:15 Sponsored by: Nagase watch :Ball Park dot com: an Asian Heart, we are a boy 用竹 of sponsorship we can, the players of tutoring when one of our bamboo bat using US.

Training of patterns(video)

training patterns

downtown 3 downtown 4 downtown 5 ■each and every one of the game is a lot of fun to play with you. (Around 80) batting practice, our boy 用竹 bat used in batting practice were conducted. downtown 6 downtown 7 ■Afternoon is leadership training. The batting of the theory lectures took. downtown 8 ■Leaders from the question of Lost Things, not discussed endlessly continued. downtown 9

Training schedule

9:00~9:15 schedule a description of and introduction of lecturer(downtown Cup organizing Committee) 9:15~10: 00 batting theory lecture 10: 00~10: 10 (break) ※the Grand move to 10: 10 ~ 10: 30 warm-up (training・stretch・catch the ball・trap) 10: 30~12:30 batting guidance (上一色 Junior High School ground selection 60 people)JB bat use of venue, equipment・due to weather conditions, instructor's 広澤 will determine the content. The ball 200 ~ 300 Ball, the system 20 cards,net 30 cards. Tee batting in the jet hitter 2 units. 12:30 ~ 13: 30 《Lunch》 13:45 ~ 15:15 lecture (上一色 Junior High School, Budokan leaders 70 people), and after the lecture disbanded
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