Miyazaki Junior High School Soft Ball Instructor Training Session

On Saturday, January 26, 2013, the 8th Miyazaki Prefectural Junior High School Soft Ball Instructor training session was held.

This workshop invites lecturers from other prefectures to help leaders in the prefecture improve the level of Miyazaki Baseball. Miyazaki Prefecture's leaders are also eager to participate in lectures, and we look forward to the future activities of Miyazaki Prefecture.

The 8th Miyazaki Junior High School Soft Ball Instructor's Workshop

Organizer: Miyazaki Prefectural Junior High School Sports Federation Soft Ball Sports Division

Date and Time: January 26, Heisei 25 , Sat. 9:30-16:40


Morning: Lecture Miyazaki City Takaoka Junior High School Gymnasium

Afternoon: Takaoka-cho Tenke Castle Baseball Stadium

Target audience: Soft baseball instructors at public and private junior high schools in the prefecture (including teachers and external leaders)


(1) Explanation "Heisei 24 Prefecture Chutai Ren Project Progress and Heisei 25 Prefecture Chutai Ren Business Plan"

(2) Lecture "Be a team that wins and gets applause"

(3) Rules baseball through "running"

Lecturer, Sumio Mizuno, Shinmachi Junior High School, Kanagawa Prefecture

In this training session, we introduced our bamboo bat promotion project for boys and explained the products of bamboo bats for boys. Thank you very much for your precious time.

The pattern of the workshop


Course 1

■Practical instruction

Course 2

The students were also seriously involved.

Seminar 3

The teachers are also serious about taking cameras and notes.

Seminar 4

It is a thorough practice about "running" in the practice form of practice.

Course 5

Course 6

Course 7


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