Wedding Gifts, Baseball Souvenirs Perfect for Wedding Gifts-Part 1

A perfect wedding gift for those who like baseball

The sign of spring is getting stronger! Your heart will be excited naturally! It seems that there are many couples who have a wedding ceremony in the spring, which makes you feel happy~(^^♪ Starting from this time, we will divide it into two, and we will show you the perfect products as wedding gifts and wedding gifts even though they are baseball souvenirs. Must-see for baseball lovers!

First of all, I would like to introduce the 85 cm size [clear bat].

This transparency is perfect as a wedding gift! It is a very popular product. You can engrave up to 50 characters and change the character color.GoldenYou can also It is also possible to engrave the team logo as a gift from the team.

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Introducing a "volleyball size" jumbo signature ball! First of all, I compared the size with a normal hardball.

There is also a middle-sized sign ball in the center of the photo!

You can see that volleyball size is quite large! This jumbo sign ball will be embroidered as a wedding gift♫

You can embroider up to 40 characters! There is also a "middle sign ball" that is smaller than the jumbo size.

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How was it? In "Part 2", we will introduce wedding gifts and wedding gifts made of wood products.

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