Baseball souvenirs/baseball gifts|Baseball souvenirs that will be appreciated for wedding celebrations and 60th birthday celebrations! ~Wedding Gift Edition

Many souvenirs as wedding gifts

Baseball souvenirs are widely used as graduation and graduation souvenirs. There are also many people who are given as wedding gifts and 60th birthday celebrations. Here are some examples of baseball souvenirs that have been given as wedding gifts!

The wooden ball is a lovely ball with a wonderful wooden texture that makes you want to pick it up. It will look like this!


Wooden ball wedding ①
<45cm mini deck bat>

The Mini Decabat with a unique shape can be a gift that has a strong presence when set on a stand!

45cm mini deca wedding ① 45cm mini deca wedding ②

Black is also fashionable!

45cm mini deca black wedding ②

<85cm regular bat>

85cm regular bat size souvenir. Available in shiny natural and luxurious gold!

85cm regular butt natural ① 85cm regular butt natural ② 85cm wedding gold bat ①

How was it? Did you find your favorite souvenir? Please check the banner below or the URL below for a sample collection of these souvenirs!

Souvenir example banner

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