Baseball Souvenirs|Gifts for Father's Day-With Thanksgiving!

A gift for dad who likes baseball

"Father's Day" is coming soon! You are wondering what to give on Father's Day! Why don't you change your taste and give original goods that are not sold anywhere else this year?

"5cm mini bat" manufactured and sold by

Even if it is small, it has a strong presence and can always be worn. That is this 5cm mini bat! Although it is a small bat of 5 cm, it can be laser engraved firmly on both sides and you can put your favorite words and names!

5cm mini butt double-sided stamp

Gentle on your wallet, from 700 yen for stamped type! I have enough production days now, so I can make it for Father's Day!

Whether you're a dad who loves baseball or not, just stamp a little comment and you'll have a great Father's Day gift!

This is Father's Day this year! is not it♪

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