Baseball Souvenirs/Graduate Souvenirs|There is no doubt that they will stand out! A glittering gold commemorative bat is here!

Souvenirs that look like souvenirs! Shining gold bat

Among those who want to give bats as souvenirs, there are quite a few who want to give something that stands out, or something that is different from the others. For those people, we recommend a commemorative bat of 85 cm regular bat size and color [Gold]. Like the 85 cm commemorative regular bat natural, it is made of white ash, but it is painted gold. I'll introduce you immediately~(^^♪

85cm commemorative regular bat (gold)

・Length: 85㎝ ・Weight: 1000g *Although it is possible to hit actually, please do not hit it actually because it is for souvenir.

85cm wedding gold bat ③

It is made as a wedding gift. A vivid and happy bat!

★Acrylic pedestal and bat bag are included for free!

Bat acrylic pedestal

Free bat bag for memorial bat

How is it? When you actually look at it, it's very elegant gold!

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