Baseball Monuments, Sophthies, and Commemorative items | I feel like a wooden photo stand!

A wooden photo stand at the commemorative baseball game of baseball

and you can get it. And you can see that the wooden photo stand that you're making is very, very high-quality. (The wood is filled with a waitnut!) The box is sent to the box, so it is readily available as a gift.

Wooden photo stand (2) Wooden photo stand (3)

Size of pedestal: 24.8cm wide, 9.2cm long, (pedestal) Wooden (pedestal), glass (photo-in-glass)

It's hard to put an accessory in place of a ball with an undoorless signboard, and it's a good thing to celebrate the wedding of a wedding, but also to celebrate the return of the reki ceremony.

= > The details of the wood photstand are from Kochira!

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